Envato Theme Instructions

We have created this premium counseling theme to be easy to install, while still providing you with the full live website experience that you see on our live demo. To install and setup your theme, just follow these simple instructions:

1.) First, unzip the package you received from us.

2.) Inside that package you’ll see a folder titled plugins. Inside that “plugins” folder you’ll find a zipped install file for the “All-in-one-WP-migration” plugin. Navigate to the “plugins” section of your WordPress install, and click on the “Add New” button. Next, click on the “Upload Plugin” file. Then browse to the location in your theme files where the plugin is located and select that to begin the upload.

3.) Once the plugin is fully installed you’ll see a new “All-in One WP Migration” link appear on the left-side admin panel. Hover over that link and then select the “Import” option.

4.) Next, select the “Import from – File” option from the drop-menu. Browse to the “full theme install” folder within your download package and choose the file you see in there to begin the upload.

5.) When the file has finished uploading, you will see messages saying this will overwrite existing files, click “Continue” to complete the live demo install.

6.) When that’s complete you will likely have to login again. Please login with these temporary credentials:
username: nimda
password: Estro1492deriv!

7.) Once logged in again, go to your “permalinks” section by clicking on the permalinks link located under the “Settings” main link in your left-side admin panel and click “Save Changes”.

And that’s it! You’re all set-up. It is now advised that you go to your profile area (from the top right) and change your password.

8.) To edit both the logo and each of the three main homepage buttons, please open the relevant files located in your “psd files” folder. When you’ve finished editing each of these, save them as png files within your “media” folder. Then upload the logo by navigating to “Appearance” -> “Header” from your left-side admin panel. And the three homepage buttons can be uploaded via the “Featured Image” feature for each of the pages named the same as the buttons themselves. Again, you’ll find these relevant pages located in your “Pages” area – so click on the main “Pages” link to find each of these pages containing the button images.

To edit your site, please note that the majority of the homepage settings are controlled through your “Widgets” area – which can be accessed by clicking on the “Widgets” link located under the “Appearance” link in your left-side admin panel.

Please also note that the Widgets section is pulling in content from various pages. Those pages are listed under and can be accessed via clicking on the main “Pages” link from your left-side admin panel. You have the option of either editing the existing default pages, and renaming them as you see fit as well, or you can create new pages, and then select them to display on the relevant homepage section by selecting those pages from the Widgets section.

Your slideshow images are controller by uploading “Featured Images” within the posts located in the “Homepage Featured” category. The easiest way to upload your own photos is to open your “Posts” area (this link can be accessed via your left-side admin panel, and then selecting each of the posts listed under the “Homepage Featured” category. The “featured image” upload button is located on the bottom right of each individual post. You can either include content on these posts, or not – it’s up to you. Once you click “Update” on each of those posts, your new image will display on the homepage. Please note that in the “Slider Settings” section you can also set how many images you’d like to display in the slideshow. The size for the slideshow images is set to 1140px wide by 460px in height.

Additional settings, including the configuring of your blog section can be accessed via the “Genesis” link – again located on your left-side admin panel.